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Welcome to Task Group 22.1

Task Group 22.1 of The Royal Manticoran Navy covers the states of Illinois, Indiana, and the lower Peninsula of Michigan. Within that space, we have seven ships, ranging from destroyers to a super dreadnought and a carrier. We may be found at conventions across the operational space, and are always looking for new members, and are excited to talk about the Navy, and what we can offer you!

HMS Demon CLAC-62

Task Group 22.1 Flagship

Chicago, IL

HMS Ajax BC-545

Detroit, MI

HMS Hotspur DD-02

Rantoul, IL

HMS Apollo CL-80

Lafayette, IN

HMS Tornado DD-488

Lansing, MI

HMS Gryphon SD-153

Indianapolis, IN

HMS Wolfhound DD-437

Mt. Prospect, IL

About Task Group 22.1

Task Group 22.1 of The Royal Manticoran Navy is the echelon covering the states of Illinois, Indiana, and the lower peninsula of Michigan. We are part of the larger Task Force 22, which also includes Ohio and Kentucky. Task Force 22 covers the southern region of 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet, which also includes Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our organization as a whole covers the entire US, with chapters in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, and Australia.

Task Group 22.1 covers a large and diverse area, with members from all walks of life. We are always looking to add to our crews, and if you are interested in space, science, technology, military history, cosplay, the Honor Harrington series, or any/all of the above, we want to meet you! Our members include reenactors from medieval to mid-20th century, gamers, online gamers, authors, fan-fiction authors and aficionados, members of other sci-fi groups, and people who just like the camaraderie. We are open to all, and welcome all to join and participate at the level of your comfort.

The easiest way to learn more – both about TG22.1 and the RMN – is to find us at your local sci-fi or gaming convention. We try to have at least a ‘someone walking around’ level presence at conventions in our area, and our members will be more than willing to take a moment to talk about the group. You can also email us with the contact form below, and our CO get right back to you!

Welcome, and we hope to see or speak to you soon!

Task Group 22.1
Messages, Orders, & Promotions

February Newsletter

February Already?!? The second HMS Demon / TG22.1 / TF22 (whew!) 'home convention' is happening, with CapriCon in Wheeling, IL. I have the lead there, and more details below on how that is going to work out, since we are taking a different approach to...

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January Newsletter

Happy New Year! It has been a busy year, with the explosion of conventions attended, especially by Commodore Day, the formation of the two task groups, and the addition, just a few weeks ago, of HMS Tornado to our TG. So a welcome to those new to the group...

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Forums and Facebook (Admiralty Order 1711-02)

I am sending this to all members in the Task Group so we all get the same information. Effective immediately there has been a change in the TRMN Forum v Facebook policy, which basically is as follows: All official communication is to be Forum Only,...

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